What is Domino Cards

What is Domino card? Based on the findings of scientists to this day, there is the conclusion that the history of dominoes originated from the Song Dynasty (宋朝) in China. The dynasty ruled from 960-1279 AD, before the Han invaded by Mongols. Then gave birth to the Yuan Dynasty. Dominoes initially not in the form of paper cards but like a dice made of stone, marble or wood.

In Europe, dominoes first seen in Italy in the 18th century, though not known how Chinese domino game evolved into a form of modern dominoes game Lapakqq like today. Yet Rodney P. Carlisle in his book Encyclopedia of Play in Today’s Society gave speculation. Domino that the Chinese brought to Europe by the European missionaries who visited China. Domino name itself derived from the Carnival of Venice in Europe. So the question of what it can be slightly missed Domino Card of the book version of Rodney P. Carlisle.

Set traditional Sino-European domino consists of 28 domino 99, which in everyday language are called bones, cards, tails, rocks, tickets, and others. The back of each domino have such diverse design without a pattern or have a certain design. A set of dominoes is a game that is a common tool, with a set of dominoes we can play various forms of the game. Domino card has similarities with Remi cards or dice, which can be applied to the various forms of the game and the rules of the game.

Questions about What Is Domino Cards finally answered in this short article. for more domino QUESTIONS would Companion Poker News can read articles from other beritaPoker.net.

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Lapakqq.Online Agen Domino 99, Domino Qiu Qiu, Bandar Q Online, Poker Online, Domino Online  merupakan permain yang di luncur kan oleh pihak lapakqq sebagain hiburan permain game facebook yang biasa kita main kan, pasti teman semua penasaran apakah permain ini cuma bisa di mainkan di komputer permain lapakqq bisa di main kan juga di hp android seperti permain facebook, teman semua juga bisa main dengna minimal deposit 50 ribu teman semua bisa main dengan 6 permain yang lain nya.


gambar diatas cukup jelas kan, kalau kurang jelas langsung coment saja hehehe. Nah sekarang bagaimana situs lapakqq memberikan suatu yang menarik bagi membernya, lihat jenis permainan yang ada di lapakqq.com antara lain :

  1. Domino Online
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Bagaimana Turn Over ( Kekalahan dalam bermain ) Mencapai 0.3% tanpa syarat dan bonus referal 20% cukup tinggi juga nih. Walaupun tidak pandai bermain segala permainan yang ada disitus ini, bisa mengajak teman untuk bermain dan bisa menemukan banyak teman mu untuk mendapatkan 20% dari deposit dan seberapa sering mereka bermain. Bagus bukan, karena jarang dan menyediakan Game Bandar Q Online sekali dapat referl setinggi ini selama saya mereview, kebanyakan situs lain 10% an. Dan lagi referalnya seumur hidup pula. Bagaimana mencari uang tinggal mencari orang yang ingin bermain dan kita duduk santai sambil uang mengalir tanpa harus bermain di situs tersebut.

Lapakqq.Online Agen Domino 99, Domino Qiu Qiu, Bandar Q Online, Poker Online, Domino Online Yang kita tahu ini mungkin memiliki suatu hal yang tidak pasti. Bayangkan saja jika sebuah situs judi online  pasti banyak promonya, banyak hal yang dilakukan mereka untuk situs mereka supaya laku. Nah ini salah satu cara yang dilakukan Lapakqq adalah mempromosikan melalui Kontes Seo yang diadakan. Karena sebuah kontes seo tidak sedikit uang yang digunakan melainkan berjuta-juta. Jika ketahuan SCAM (  Penipuan ) maka website tersebut akan dibabat habis dengan para peserta seo yang tidak terima dilakukan begitu. Tetapi Lapakqq pastilah terpercaya dengan hadiah kontes seo yang sangat menarik perhatian sekali. Melihat hadiah saja sudah keren dah situsnya apalagi langsung mengarah ke Lapakqq.com melihat tampilan yang sangat keren oleh Game Agen Domino 99 dan masik banyak game lain nya lagi seperti Poker Online Indonesia .

Lihat dulu situs nya baru tentukan situs tersebut terpercaya atau tidak, jika tidak mengerti dengan permainan yang ada di lapakqq langsung saja baca panduan yang disediakan yang cukup detail untuk para pemula. Tetapi alahkan bagusnya hanya mengikuti referal saja karena tinggi. dari pada bermain judi kan kalah tergantung juga sihh, nah asyiknya dalam bermain judi juga tergantung mereka yang bermain. Terkadang situs nya ada juga yang tidak enak bermain karena mejanya sangat kecil dan tidak banyak pemain atau member yang berada disana bisa bisa bermain dengan uang asli lapakqq banyak menyediakan game Domino Qiu Qiu dan Domino Online Terbaik Dan Terpercaya.


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Beware of Computer Viruses Eye-Matai Online Poker Players !!!

It is undeniable that online poker games of any platform is still favored by many people though it was not as popular a few years ago.

Some of the fans of this game online poker has become a “victim” of a computer virus. A software, according to information quoted by the BBC, Friday (09/18/2015), distributed virtual card is the player with the creator of the virus were then joined in a poker game the same and try to deceive the player.

According to security firm, Malware was found hiding in software designed to help poker fans to play better.

The software is also targeting other useful information on the victim’s computer, such as user name and password to get into the game.

The workings of this malware is targeting players from the site Lapakqq and Full Tilt Poker, said Robert Lipovsky, a security researcher at Eset, in a blog post.

When malware infects, it monitors computer activity and arises when the victim has logged into one of the two poker sites it. Then, the malware is starting to take a screenshot of the activity of the player and the player’s card was “obtained”. The screenshot then sent to the attacker.

Image of screenshots that show the player and his ID had been handled. This, says Eset, allowing an attacker seeking sites for the player and join the game. Using information about the victim gives the attacker a significant advantage.

“We are not sure whether the actors play it manually or in some automated way,” wrote Lipovsky.

Eset find Windows malware hiding in some well-known file-sharing applications, computer utility software, as well as some poker calculators are widely used and the player database. Spyware is, according to Eset, has been active for several months and most of the victims were in Eastern Europe, especially Russia and Ukraine.

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Capsa Poker is a gambling game that is very popular in Asia. This game uses 52 cards to play along with the number of 2-4 players. In this game you have to arrange 13 cards into 3 poker hands – two of five cards and one of the three cards ditangan- will beat any cards owned by other players.

Each player must split the 13 cards which they belong into a sequence of “back” consisting of 5 cards, “middle” which also consists of five cards, and “front” with the number 3 card. To be considered as poker, cards behind better than the middle, and the middle should be better than the front.

High Card is the value of a poker card itself. This could be the order of the cards as well be images poker cards. The order of smallest to highest card is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. For A itself, could be the highest number could also be the lowest number is 1. As for the type of card has the smallest order to the highest or strongest are:

  • Diamond / wajik ()
  • Clumber / Keriting ()
  • Love/ heart / Hati ()
  • Royal / Spade / Sekop ()

One Pair / Two of a kind poker combination of two cards are the same, eg J-J-2-5-6, 2-2-7-9-J
Two Pair A combination of two pairs of the same card poker, for example Q-Q-5-5-J, 2-2-7-7-J
Three of a Kind Combination of 3 card Capsa Poker  are the same, eg, Q-Q-Q-10-4, 2-2-2-7-J
Straight A combination of 5 card poker sequence, eg 10-J-Q-K-A, A-2-3-4-5, 10-J-Q-K-A. Q-K-A-2-3 is not a straight because not sequential.
Flush Combination of 5-card poker hand that has the same type, ie all kind Shovel or liver. This flush tidahk card values must be contiguous, but the important thing is just the same kind.
Full House A combination of three cards and two cards of poker are the same, eg, 4-4-4-2-2, 2-2-2-7-7 or 3-3-J-J-J. Full House is a combination of One Pair and Three of a Kind.
Four of a Kind Combination 4 poker cards are the same, for example, J-J-J-J-2 4, 2-2-2-2-J
Straight Flush A combination of five poker cards of the same type and sequential value. Straight Flush This is a combination of a Straight and a Flush.
Royal Flush A combination of five poker cards of the same type, sequential value and has the highest value. Royal Flush is a Straight Flush with the highest value, namely Hearts card, and a value of 10-J-Q-K-A.
Poker game at its core is a combination of poker seen on the table, with their own cards. Who is the combination of the highest card value, that the winner of the bet. The combination is formed by 5 card, which comes from the player’s own card and a card that looks at the table.
The sequence begins with a combination of cards higher value card will beat a card whose value is lower. 2 card value will be lost by 3, 3 lost to 4, 10 lost to J (jack), J inferior to Q (Queen), Q lost with K (King), K lost by A (Ace). In poker, A can also be number 1 if needed, which means the lowest value.
The highest value of any card, too, will be defeated by a combination of cards One Pair. One Pair lose with Two Pair, Two Pair lost with Three of a Kind, Three of a Kind inferior to Straight, Straight inferior to Flush, Flush lose with Full House, Full House defeated by Four of a Kind, Four of a Kind inferior to Straight Flush, Straight Flush and Royal Flush lose with. Royal Flush is the highest value in the game of Poker.
The player who has the highest score will get all the bets. And if there are two players have value and combinations of the same card, then the bet is divided in two.

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How Do I Start Playing BandarQ?

Tips Tricks Always Wins Main Bandarq – bandarq game seems to be a very popular game. Not surprisingly, the day more players who love this game. Hence also, many emerging agents bandarq in cyberspace. Actually how to play this game and how / trick always win bandarq?


I’ve played of the capital can be 10K to win millions. At that time, it is very risky to lose. In addition, with the victory bemodal very minimal, it is very risky at all to not pay bandarq agent. But since I met the agent bandarq reliable, so I ended up in pay.

Pretty sweet indeed, with very little capital, they could win 100kali much more. Imagine if my capital to 100K, then how can I win? Moreover, if I invest 1 million. WOW! Agen bandarq game can also be played anywhere in turns and certainly no less exciting her with his other poker puz.

However I do not like gambling, I would never recommend anyone to gamble. I was at that time just for fun, and until now never again want to play. The gambling bill, such as caffeine and nicotine, when it enjoyed it would be difficult to stop.

Well, I lay out techniques in the game winning play bandarq in pisangqq. First of all, I wish to apologize to Reviews those who feel the tips I could be a catastrophe for them. But do not worry, the tips I Gave it, you still can not 100% guarantee victory. Because this is called betting game, so there is no such thing as certainty.

Tips Tricks Always Wins Main Bandarq

1. Do not Be Bandar

Try not to be the city. Bandar in a very risky game bnadarq outnumbered. Although at one point, the stakes can be very profitable. But from my observations at many agents bandarq, the city turned out to be more risky outnumbered.

2. Note Cards Bandar

Do not just focus on the cards in your hand. The focus is also on the card city. Because you’re not a city, it is a great city if the card continues, then you will lose hold.

In this case, the most fitting techniques in caring for the city card is to count every kind of card turnover result left and his right card.

For example: In the first round, the city received 8 cards, where the card is left 0 | 4 and the right card is 2 | 2. At that time, your card is only 6, ie 2 | 1 and 0 | 3.

At this point, you find the fact that you lose. In addition, there is another fact that is between you and the city, got a little card of all. No value of 5 on all four of you card.

From here, you can draw the conclusion that the first round is a round little card on the city and on you. After the round, you shall observe the city card again. If the turn card comes out still small second, then the third round likely exit is a big card at the airport.

3. You Note Cards

Once you observe the city card is about 5 rounds, you will be able to slowly be able to guess the card. Once you can guess the city card, it’s time you learn to guess the card you own.

Actually, they do the same in regard troubleshooting city card, which you shall note cards out whether they are small, large or both. The final value of the card is important, for the winner, but do not forget that pay attention to the large-small card is more important to win the next.

Basically, the velocity of random cards on bandarq is not unexpected, but because this man, then there is no point gap. You can see there the math every card turnover. If you look carefully, you will find a nice feeling to raise or lower the amount of your bet.

Basically, the velocity of random cards on bandarq is not unexpected, but because this man, then there is no point gap. You can see there the math every card turnover. If you look carefully, you will find a nice feeling to raise or lower the amount of your bet.

Stay tuned for more tips ‘experts’ more than playing bandarq to always win playing bandarq in the next article.

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