What is Domino Cards

What is Domino card? Based on the findings of scientists to this day, there is the conclusion that the history of dominoes originated from the Song Dynasty (宋朝) in China. The dynasty ruled from 960-1279 AD, before the Han invaded by Mongols. Then gave birth to the Yuan Dynasty. Dominoes initially not in the form of paper cards but like a dice made of stone, marble or wood.

In Europe, dominoes first seen in Italy in the 18th century, though not known how Chinese domino game evolved into a form of modern dominoes game Lapakqq like today. Yet Rodney P. Carlisle in his book Encyclopedia of Play in Today’s Society gave speculation. Domino that the Chinese brought to Europe by the European missionaries who visited China. Domino name itself derived from the Carnival of Venice in Europe. So the question of what it can be slightly missed Domino Card of the book version of Rodney P. Carlisle.

Set traditional Sino-European domino consists of 28 domino 99, which in everyday language are called bones, cards, tails, rocks, tickets, and others. The back of each domino have such diverse design without a pattern or have a certain design. A set of dominoes is a game that is a common tool, with a set of dominoes we can play various forms of the game. Domino card has similarities with Remi cards or dice, which can be applied to the various forms of the game and the rules of the game.

Questions about What Is Domino Cards finally answered in this short article. for more domino QUESTIONS would Companion Poker News can read articles from other beritaPoker.net.

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